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Keynote Lectures

Main Keynote: Capability Driven Development of Context-aware Enterprise Applications – Challenges, Approach and Experiences

by Janis Stirna – Associate Professor at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden.

Abstract: Enterprises are facing the need to adapt their businesses according to various situations in which their applications need to be used. To answer this challenge an EU FP7 project “Capability as a Service in digital enterprises” (CaaS) has been initiated. The aim of CaaS is to support the capture and analysis of changing business context in the design of information systems (IS) using the capability notion. Capability is seen as the ability and capacity that enables an enterprise to achieve a business goal in a certain context. The key rationale behind a capability driven approach is to capture the dependence of organizational and IS designs on application context and to provide explicit support for run-time adjustments according to changes in the application situation. 
The CaaS project is developing a methodology and a tool environment for capability driven development. We envision to further advance the service oriented paradigm and to develop context aware business capabilities by using Enterprise Modelling techniques as a starting point of the development process, capability design patterns for reuse of best practices, as well as composition of required capabilities and algorithms for run-time adjustment.
This talk will address the main principles of the capability driven development methodology, as well as present the current experiences of capability design in three use case companies of the CaaS project – SIV AG (Germany) for business process outsourcing, Fresh T Limited (UK) for compliance management, and Everis (Spain) for capability management in e-government platforms.

Brief Bio: Janis Stirna is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden. He has a PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (2001). His research interests are Enterprise Modelling, MDD, tools, reuse, patterns, and knowledge management. Stirna is an author or co-author of some 70 research reports and publications, as well as two textbooks on Enterprise Modelling. He has been involved in various key roles in thirteen EC-financed and six national R&D projects. He has co-developed the EKP – Enterprise Knowledge Patterns, the EKD – Enterprise Knowledge Development, and 4EM – For Enterprise Modelling approaches. Stirna is currently coordinating FP7 project CaaS – “Capability as a Service for digital enterprises” with a primary focus on developing methodological support for design and delivery of context dependent business services. Each year he is teaching Object Oriented System Analysis with UML to ca 500 students at Stockholm University.


Industry Track Keynote: Simplicity – One thing in today’s complexity

by Tomas Formanek

Abstract: The number of possible combinations of production plans in one average production company is higher than the number of stars in the Universe. Similar examples or analogies are found in distribution planning or forecasting and demand planning. The mathematical space of a common company is more complex than we are able to imagine. What does it mean to find simple solutions in this complex world? What does it mean to decide what strategy is the best for a company? How to find proper game changers? We call it Simplexity.

Brief Bio: Tomas Formanek is the CEO and R&D Director in Logio. Logio helps companies to improve their supply chain management and eliminating waste.

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