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Keynote Lecture

Keynote: Towards cross-domain interoperation in the Internet of FAIR Data and Services

by Dr. Luiz Olavo Bonino, International Technology Coordinator of the GO FAIR International


In a daily routine, organisations and individuals deal with a significant number of digital objects such as data, metadata, ontologies, workflows, electronic services and computing capacity. A common activity is looking for data using a search engine (an electronic service) through a variety of metadata elements that have been indexed by the engine such as author, license or subject, and running an analysis workflow on the discovered data. However, the complexity of this apparently straightforward task is a consequence that not only each of the involved types of digital objects are growing in number, complexity and heterogeneity but that we also need to understand, integrate and interoperate them.

The FAIR principles aim at addressing these challenges by providing guidelines to make data more findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. By applying the principles not only to data by to other types of digital objects, in particular, data, tools (workflows, algorithms, etc.) and compute (computing capacity), we can have a more seamless integration of these elements enabling the emergence of the Internet of FAIR Data and Services.

This presentation will provide an overview of the Internet of FAIR Data and Services, its foundational FAIR principles and how to assess the FAIRness of digital objects, the current status and organisation, future directions and currently involved stakeholders.


Brief Bio: Dr. Luiz Olavo Bonino is the International Technology Coordinator of the GO FAIR International Support and Coordination Office and Associate Professor of the BioSemantics group at the Leiden University Medical Centre in Leiden, the Netherlands. His background is in ontology-driven conceptual modelling, semantic interoperability, service-oriented computing, requirements engineering and context-aware computing. In the last 4 years Luiz has led the development of a number of technologies and tools to support making, publishing, indexing, searching and annotating FAIR (meta)data.