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Cabo Girão and North Tour

On our second tour we will stop at “Cabo Girão”, one of Europe’s highest cliffs with spectacular sea views and a transparent floor that takes your breath away… We then proceed to “Véu da Noiva” one of the most iconic touristic spots of the island – an amazing waterfall falling directly from the mountain to the sea. We’ll finish this tour at “Porto Moniz”, one of the most pitoresque villages of Madeira where the main attraction is it’s natural sea water swimming pools and beautiful sea views. We will have our conference’s main dinner in one of this village’s reastaurant with direct sea view. Do check out the spectacular video below showing the beauty and fantastic views of Cabo Girão cliff.cabogirao
cabogirao2Cabo Girao, Madeira: Visitors stand on a balcony veu-da-noiva porto_moniz porto_moniz_piscina