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Industry Track

Enterprise Engineering is aimed at addressing the challenges that modern and complex enterprises are facing in a rapidly changing environment, based on scientific research.  To emphasize the relevance of the research in this discipline, the EEWC features several events that show practitioners how Enterprise Engineering research can be of value to them.

On Tuesday 17 May, an industrial track is organized in which case studies are presented of the application of methodologies for Enterprise Engineering such as Enterprise Ontology and Normalized Systems in Belgian and Dutch companies.

On Friday 19 May, a tutorial on Normalized Systems is organized.  The aim of the tutorial is to give an in-depth seminar on theory and practice of Normalized Systems, featuring several case studies. The term Normalized Systems refers to a theoretical framework for the development of highly evolvable, mission-critical information systems described in the book “Normalized Systems: Re-creating Information Technology Based on Laws for Software Evolvability”, Koppa, 2009 (for more info: see  Normalized Systems are highly evolvable software architectures, which are able to control the Law of Increasing Complexity as defined by Manny Lehman (see, e.g.,’s_laws_of_software_evolution). 

On Wednesday 18 May, a PhD defense related to Enterprise Engineering takes place at the University of Antwerp.  Mr. Dieter Van Nuffel will defend his PhD thesis entitled “Towards Designing Modular and Evolvable  Business Processes”.  This PhD essentially applies the NS principles, which were initially formulated at the level of software architectures, to the level of business processes, more specifically BPMN-models.  The defense is public, and can be attended by all those who are interested.

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